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About The Benson Pony Express

Historical Reenactments

The Benson Pony Express is a community organization dedicated to preserving the documented traditions of the original Pony Express. Through parades and end of the year reenactment of a Pony Express mail delivery from Benson’s Lions Park to Dragoon, we strive to educate, empower, encourage and elate our community and riders in the wondrous history of the Pony Express.

Racing Across History

The Benson Pony Express takes pride in reenacting a mail delivery run from Benson’s Lions Park to Dragoon.  Our team is swore in using the original oath taken by historical Pony Express riders, then they are off! The first team, carrying your mail,  races from the park through Benson to Pomerene. At Pomerene they meet up with the next team of riders who gallop across the desert from Pomerene to Sybil road.  Our next team takes on the longest and most treacherous road from Sybil to Dragoon, they fly at top speeds on horseback in hopes of delivering the mail in good time to Dragoon.

Swearing In

The Pony Express was originally a group of extremely young riders, often orphans, comprised of boys and men under the age of 20, born on horse back with no attachments to life or limb.  Their job was a hard one, though the pay was good, they often lost their lives to weather or bandits long before they collected their check.  Today’s Benson Pony Express is a more diverse group and is always growing.  Most of our riders are women and few are under the age of 20.  We strive to preserve history before anything else, however, we know that presenting this history to our beloved community is a far greater deed then staying gender or age accurate.  We extend our hand to you, yes you, will you join us in educating, reenacting and having just plain fun as a group of riders?

Community Service

April 14, 2018 15 people and 60 bags of trash- Benson Pony Express and DiPeso Realty would like to thank the following volunteers who made our Earth Day cleanup a success: Daniel Ball, Bobby Lowe, Stephanie Nelson, Phillip and Tammy Larson, Layne Nelson, Mark & Carrie Fenn, Kathie Bailey, Ken Smith, Richard Petty, and Jeff Layton. We were able to clean up both of the on/off ramps on the south side of I-10 and the entire street from the 306 exchange to the San Pedro River bridge. It is amazing what a small group of like minded people can accomplish in less than 3 hours. We would also like to thank R&R Pizza for feeding our volunteers. We thank the City of Benson for the gloves, grabbers and road vests. Trash bags were provided by Hotel Arnold and Deja What. Cindy Allen, Captain, Benson Pony Express; David & Melissa DiPeso Owners, DiPeso Realty.

Cindy Allen Captain of Benson Pony Express

What They're Saying

The Benson Pony Express are such amazing people! The events are fun and I enjoy them very much. They helped me and my horses today while broke down in the side of I-10. I am so greatful for them!!

Nicole Anne Wright

Your Benson Pony Express Riders

Cindy Allen
Fearless Leader

Cindy has ridden with the Pony Express for 8 years and been Captain for 7. She grew up in Central New York on an Appaloosa horse farm. After joining the USMC in the mid 80’s as a Military Police Officer, she found her way to Tucson, AZ in 1989 to be with her husband. In 1999 they moved to Benson and look forward to being a part of the community for years to come. She currently owns a facilitating business and works in Tucson. And is the owner of the Hotel Arnold and Zearings Mercantile.

Shannon Walker
The Gambler

A native Benson AZ resident and longtime horsewoman. Her riding resume consists of hunter, jumper, dressage and eventing. Shannon joined the Pony Express to help carry the legacy of her riding mentor and Benson Pony Express CoFounder, Linda Stacy. She loves to run the last leg of the mail delivery reenactment for the history, excitement and adventure.

Doralee Hill
The Gun Slinger

Doralee Hill grew up riding cow horses and working on ranches and at cow auctions in the Northwest. She has been married to her best friend Allen for 52 years. She retired from the Willcox School District as a school bus driver. She has been riding with the Pony Express for 6 years and enjoys the organization.

Allen Hill
The Sheriff

Allen Hill grew up outfitting and packing for hunters and fisherman in Idaho on the edge of the Frank Church/Salmon River Wilderness Area. He worked as a heavy equipment operator and mechanic in the logging industry. He retired from the Willcox School District as a mechanic. He is a leather worker and saddle maker. He made the flag boot holders and the sash pins.

James Heckman
The Cowboy

Raised a Southern boy, imported to AZ by the U.S.A.F. (a long time ago). I have been riding since I could stand and pet a horse. Finally am just beginning to learn how to ride... I compete in Dressage and 3 Day Eventing on my Quarter Horse Stallion. Love riding the Pony Express Reenactments: ``We get to go FAST!``

Dorothy Amerman
The Drifter

As an old trail rider, retired to Arizona from Illinois & Indiana with my husband Rick, I am enjoying anything horsey that this area has to offer. I like parades on horseback as well as trails, so the Benson Pony Express is a good fit. In my younger years, I showed, raised, & trained my own American Paint Horses. Now, as well as trail riding, I also drive a miniature pony. My good old horse, Pokey, is the one who carries me for anything I want to do on horseback. We are your basic Jack of All Trades, Master of None.

Andrea Florness
The Rogue

What is a cowboy? Somewhere between the security of childhood and the insecurity of a second childhood, we find that fascinating group of humanity called.....``cowboys`` They come in assorted hat sizes,weights,and stages of sobriety. They can be found in cities,towns,the wilderness,bars,jails on the road,and always in debt. A cowboy is laziness with a deck of cards,bravery with spurs,energy on the dance floor,a legend of the ``old west`` with a copy of playboy,and seldom without a case of beer or a fifth of whiskey.``- Author Unknown

MIchelle Moreno
Miriam Maestas
The Soiled Dove

Miriam was raised on the busy streets of New York City, and lived on the east coast until her husband received a military transfer to Tucson. They decided to move to his home town of casa grande Arizona where she was able to fulfill her long life dream of riding horses. It was there she met her mentor, trainer and great friend Tammy. She now avidly trail rides and is training to start showing in ranch riding. Mostly she is now looking forward to galloping her horse across the desert with the pony express!

Paul Walker
The Rustler

An import from England, Paul came to fall in love with horses after meeting his wife, Shannon. He enjoys attending the many horse shows Shannon drags him to as well as trail riding, parades and soon jumping! Paul rides 23 year old percheron Valkyrie in the Pony Express and plans to ride the first leg of the mail delivery this year. Paul is the owner of House of Iron Gym in Benson.

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